Grazy Estonian people in Europe part II - Scandinavian tour

Starring: (in random order)

Cowwabusa zzzrrr110000
Makes very loud sound when over 8000rpm
Eats a lot of fuel, oil and .... chain
Pauk - driver
Refuels & repairs Cowwabusa
Drinks a lot of beer

Jane - co-driver
Reads map when driving
Screams at the driver when exceeding the speed limit

Map & stats

Time: 13-21 February 2008
Total distance: ~2100km
Fuel consumption: 186 liters
Oil consumption: 2 liters
Clothes and equipment:
Drivers clothes with boots and helmet weighted almost 13 kilos (dry), there was electric heating in knee areas and some crappy heating in boots. Grip heaters were installed on bike. Helmet had also some visor heating but it blew out the fuse few times so it was not used.
Co-driver was wearing sexy undies and coretex suite. She also had an towel of 1980-s olympic games with electric heating installed inside and webasto warmer inside the sidecar.

Day 1 February 13th   From home to D terminal in Tallinn, distance ~ 3 km
All tanks filled with fuel (61 liters including tank under sidecar)
Ready to start in port of Tallinn
Port of tallinn, view from cabin window, getting a bite of beer
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Day 2 February 14th   From Stockholm to Skarnes (Norway) distance ~ 506 km
Refueled 43 liters, average temperature -2 oC
no view from cabin window, Stockholm harbour, first repairs (speedo cable broke)
repairs over, Scarnes camping ~450km later (cabin as big as a house 850NOK)
cabin from inside & outside
having some beer
having some beer
having some beer & making plans

Day 3 February 15th   From Skarnes to Krystallrally in Fefor Høifjellshotell (near Vinstra) distance ~ 236 km
Refueled 16 liters, temperature in the morning -8,9oC evening -12.9oC average -6oC
Sunrise in Skarnes with and without motorcycle
Sunrise in Skarnes with and without motorcycle
showing off
leaving the camping, stop in the roadside
few more pictures from the same place
few more pictures from the same place and picture from gas-station near Hamar
View to Lillehammer
Really, Lillehammer, the same place they had (Winter) Olympic games 1994 + picture from "almost nowhere, between the mountains"
Last ~30km of the road looked like this, arrived at the Krystallrally
motorcycles: red one with the backside is diesel Zeus, white is corda 3 wheel drive
motorcycles: in the left & right its Suzuki Hayabusa with sidecar!
motorcycles + Jane
again motorcycles: left one is CZ
motorcycles: Ural with sidecar drive and Corda
motorcycles: Corda and Buell on the right
motorcycles: middle one has old IZ Jupiter sidecar
motorcycles: middle one in Kihnu style, Zeus on the right
motorcycles: Kihnu & Zeus (made in France by the way)
motorcycles: Honda Pan-Europeans left&middle
motorcycles: Cowwabusa left&middle
motorcycles: Zeus on the left&middle
motorcycles: home made blue one - Citroën wheels in the front and sidecar, Saab wheel in the back
motorcycles: cheep winter tyre formula - take a piece of rope and turn it around the tire few times
motorcycles: white one is 3 wheel drive Corda with automatic gearbox
motorcycles, Jane got the camera
motorcycles, view from window
view from window
room and view
motorcycles, red BMW was from Italy
getting bored & tired
night shot from steady ground, from the hand and Jane with lot of snow
Outside, find tables from the picture, going to the "party"
motorcycles in the night

Day 4 February 16th   From Krystallrally to Ålesund distance ~ 309 km
Refueled 15 liters, temperature in the morning -12.5oC evening +4oC
Half the distance was cold ~ -10oC, other half near the coast was total rain with temperature +4oC
sunrise from the window, dog from Ålesund, motorcycles
Fefor Høifjellshotell & motorcycles
JAWA & Fefor Høifjellshotell
Fefor Høifjellshotell
Fefor Høifjellshotell & motorcycle
motorcycle & Fefor Høifjellshotell
Fefor Høifjellshotell and cabins nearby
offroad by foot is bad idea, got hit by the skiers
around the hotel, driving to Vinstra
driving to Vinstra
driving to Vinstra
driving to Vinstra
driving to Vinstra
driving to Vinstra
driving to Vinstra
driving to Vinstra
driving to Vinstra, in the middle of nowhere with light blue frozen waterfalls
more mountains, drying out in Ålesund
checking out local beer
out of local beer, back on Estonian fuel

Day 5 February 17th   Ålesund, distance - few kilometers on foot
Driver was refueled with several liters of beer, temperature and weather sucked totally. During the day we managed to visit Ålesund Akvarium, Fjellstua lookout and so called "old town" which as turned out was around 100 years old as almost all the town burned down in year 1904.
arrival to Akvarium
more fish
fish and crab
fish behind 10cm thick glass
fish behind 10cm thick glass
fish & crab
crab and fishtank with modern accessories (stereo radio + car tire)
fishtank with modern accessories (car tire, boat engine, bicykle) and turtles place
leaving the Akvarium and forgetting dark setings on camera
city view from Fjellstua
city view from Fjellstua, road to Signes's old place going up in 45 degrees, "old town"
"old town"
nice boobs caught on picture by Jane, "old town"
"old town" and harbour
fish-smelling ships, water was so clear that bottom of the harbour was easily visible (including all kind of crap in the bottom)
"old town" and harbour
"old town"
"old town" and the model of first covered lifeboat
boat model, Signe & Thor
family pictures
family pictures
family pictures
family pictures

Day 6 February 18th    From Ålesund to Dombås distance 255km
There were no need for refueling the motorcycle but driver needed a lot of fixing. Weather was so bad that there is no descent way to describe it properly. Temperature was +2oC, rain was so heavy that after 50km it started to flow down inside the sleeves of coretex jacket into the gloves. Driver turned the grip heater into maximum power. Few slices of carrot would have made it a perfect soup.
wondering in Ålesund on our own
wondering in Ålesund on our own, find the parking house from the picture
wondering in Ålesund on our own
wondering in Ålesund on our own
wondering in Ålesund on our own
wondering in Ålesund on our own, leaving
Few pictures of Fjellstua again
Away from Fjellstua, drying in Trolltun hotel
Trolltun hotel (990NOK with breakfast)

Day 7 February 19th    From Dombås to Mora (Sweden) distance 462km
Refueled 44 liters, average temperature -2oC
This day can be described as "Rally of Sweden" - nice snowy roads, absolutely no rain, sun was shining and the throttle wanted to go fully down all the time. Driver felt himself as real Marcus Grönholm during this day, first half of the day there were nice and snowy mountain roads of Norway, other half of the day we drove in Sweden where we saw already some clean roads.
Trolltun camping, Dombås
Trolltun camping, Dombås
Trolltun camping, Dombås
Trolltun camping, Dombås
Trolltun, in the middle of nowhere
Storsjøen lakeside
Storsjøen lakeside, getting "The Stone of Norway for Helkur"
Storsjøen lakeside
Storsjøen lakeside, back to roads of snow
"The Rally of Sweden video"
In Moraparken hotel (1190SEK with breakfast)

Day 8 February 20th    From Mora to Stockholm distance 344km
Refueled 8 liters, temperature in the morning -3.3oC evening +2oC
Nothing more than big roads and driving. When we arrived to Stockholm it turned out that its hard to get into the harbour without the city map what we did not have. So we chose random roads and spent lot of time but still arrived to harbour with plenty of time to spare.
Adding oil, adjuting & oiling the chain
Last adjustments
Few shots of Moraparken camping
Last stops 50km before Stockholm and back on ship
Batwoman and happy Pauk in cabin "bar" after visiting the tax-free shop
Batwoman outfit packed, ready to party

Day 9 February 21st    D terminal in Tallinn to home, distance 3km
What a drive!
Home sweet home, back in the front of garage

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